folie à deux

if i were to live in a house made 
of chocolate bricks,
i would want it to be with her.

we could go on adventures.

up in a hot air balloon,
i would hang from the side,
try my best to claim a cloud for my own.
she would pull on my sleeve,
and tell me,
“look how much closer to God we are here.”

hiking in a rain forest,
she would sit on a boulder,
tired and wondering why we aren’t more athletic.
i would pull her up,
and tell her
“the wind kissing the trees creates enchanting music, don’t you think?”

sitting in a canoe,
we would paddle in opposite directions.
making large circles,
we would look at each other and laugh.
tell ourselves,
“i guess there’s some things neither of us have figured out yet.”

we could go back to our chocolate house,
eat a brick,
discuss the world,
challenge each other’s ideas,
then go back the next day to paddle the canoe correctly.




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