lily of the valley

There are times
I feel an anger so great inside me,
that I am ashamed.

It is not a rolling wave of the sea.
It is not a sweet sun-kissed wind.
It is not a rising crescendo.

It is a windshield shattering.
It is a forest on fire.
It is an echoing scream when my hand lets go of yours at the edge of a cliff.

And it is certainly not beautiful.

But every time the anger grabs hold of me,
so does the universe.

My elbow stabs violently in to a cement corner.
My foot twists and hits a metal bar.
My tongue gets crushed between my own teeth.

After all of this, I am drained, exhausted, bloodied.
It is then, when i have fallen, that the universe sits beside me
and whispers,

“child, you ran across hot coals.
you got to the other side.
but what did you get except burns on your feet?”



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