tortured art vs artist

The mentality that darker minds are more beautiful, is often misinterpreted. I believe people say things like that to bring comfort to those who have dark thoughts, and who channel those thoughts in to something creative. A great many times, I hear people saying their art suffers when they’re happy, they don’t feel a need for it. Art is essentially a crutch for them. And that’s okay. Art becomes whatever you need for art to become. When they no longer need it, they feel a kind of sadness that can’t be explained. They’re happy, but they’re no longer creating. Something still, is missing. Don’t be fooled. It’s easy to think that darkness, sadness and pain are the only source of creativity. In fact, it’s another truth entirely. Darkness, sadness and pain are the easiest source of creativity. Anguish pours, anguish thunders and demands to be heard, to be noticed. Happiness often seeps in to a person’s entire being, like honey. A quieter hello, but one infinitely superior. Once you realize this, know your battle is with your art only. You’re happy but your art is suffering? No, you’re happy but you’re unwilling to suffer for your art. Create happy art. It’s harder, I bet you anything. But the world needs more of it. There is a beauty in darkness. I agree, i agree, i agree. But if someone told me I could either be happy or never make art again, I’d choose my happiness every time.



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